Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use a desk phone with Simply CloudPhone?

Absolutely—one of the best things about Simply CloudPhone is that it's device agnostic, meaning we'll keep your team connected no matter if you're using a iPad, mobile phone, or desk phone. CloudPhone supports a number of devices, with zero-touch provisioning on many devices. Learn more about desk phones here.

What kind of hardware would I need to buy?

For the most part, you shouldn't need to purchase any hardware. In fact, many CloudPhone customers find that they're able to choose a package that provides new hardware as part of their monthly subscription cost. With any VoIP product, ports, firewalls, and network configurations all play a contributing factor in voice quality and connectivity. To get a better sense of our network recommendations reach out to our sales team with any questions.

Do you have an IVR or Auto Attendant feature?

Yes—CloudPhone offers an auto attendant feature across both personal and shared lines like Departments. Callers will be presented with options like dial by number selection, dial by extension, or even forwarding to a voicemail greeting or pre-recorded message.

Can I keep my number?

Absolutely! When you sign up for CloudPhone, you'll have the option to bring your established business numbers with you (termed "porting") to use on your CloudPhone service. We will, however, automatically issue every user a temporary number based on the area code of your admin's choosing just to make sure you're able to make and receive calls right from day one. Learn more about number porting here.

What voicemail features do you offer?

CloudPhone offers customisable voicemail greetings (both upload and record live), in-app alerts for received voicemails with the ability to play, download, or share. Additionally, both admins of shared lines like departments as well as individual users can opt to receive an email notification when they receive a voicemail. Learn more about voicemail options here.