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A modern phone system that

works the way you do

Connect your team and customers no matter where you are in the world.


Pay as you go or add unlimited minutes

Opt to pay for your calls as you make them, add a bundle or add unlimited minutes to for any of your team. We don't charge for incoming calls and many international destinations are less than 3p/minute.


Access to advanced phone system features

We have a range of features to ensure you get the best value from your VoIP phone system. You may need to ask people to "press one for sales", place callers on hold or handle advanced call routing, whatever you need we can help.


Detailed call logging & analysis

Look in detail at the calls coming into your business and see who exactly answers calls, who calls you the most, average wait times and more. Our call logs are amongst the most detailed in the market and we know you'll love them as much as we do.

angled-iphone-xs-mockup-22486 (2).png

The most advanced mobile app for iPhone & Android on the market

Our in-house mobile app provides you with everything you need to take your phone system on the go. Fully compatible with iPhones & Android phones, you can pair your mobile with your desk phone and just jump in and out of the office when you please.

  • Make & receive calls on wifi or 4G

  • Forward calls to other users

  • Visual voicemail

  • Access your shared address book

  • Put calls on hold, mute or speaker

  • See the status of everyone on your system

  • Access your full call history

  • Plus many more features


These are just some of the great features on our business phone system.

It takes less than 10 minutes to get up and running so why not get started today?

Alternatively, give us a call on 028 9140 404040, start a chat or drop us an e-mail

A range of human-sounding talented robots are waiting for you.

Choose from our cast of stars to voice your greetings. Why not try them all?






More Features

The best VoIP platform

We’ve developed a feature-rich and easy to use platform that is one the best on the market. 


Scale seamlessly from a single phone to hundreds of extensions with support for a huge range of SIP devices.

Standard & Premium numbers

We offer a variety of numbers including local numbers anywhere in the UK or Ireland. Add personalisation and memorability with premium numbers.

Detailed call logs & analytics

Live access to detailed call logs including overall statistics and precise details about how every call is handled.

Call queueing

Call queues & groups allow your customers to easily handle multiple incoming calls at the same time. Place callers into a queue and answer them in the order they arrived.

Menus & auto attendants

Knowing exactly why someone is calling before answering can be very useful. With our IVR menu feature your customers can ask callers to choose options from a menu.


Our voicemail boxes are highly versatile and can be configured either alongside extensions or independently. You can receive messages by e-mail, through our website or on your phones.


Our fax-to-email service allows you to continue to receive faxes without the hassle of unreliable hardware.

Address books & contacts

Our shared address books allow you to quickly access common phone numbers as well as allowing you to instantly see the name of incoming callers.

Out of hours routing

Time-based routing allows you to change what happens to incoming calls based on the time of day. For example, calls can easily be routed directly to voicemail outside office hours.

Advanced call routing tools

We have a range of tools to help route your calls more efficiently. As well as time-based-routing, you can use the caller’s number to choose a destination or quickly activate presets.

Fraud prevention

Protect yourself from fraud by implementing flexible limits on call rates, credit limits, and daily expenditure.

Text-to-speech greetings

Our new text-to-speech tools allow you to write scripts and hear your words instantly synthesised into natural-sounding speech by our WaveNet-powered algorithms.

Meeting/conference rooms

Our conferencing features allow you to set up both external and private PIN-protected conference rooms, where callers can dial in and collaborate.

Call recording

Automatically record your calls, and securely store the recordings, allowing easy playback of calls linked with your call logs.

A beautiful interface you will love and understand

Making changes to your phone system should be simple and straightforward

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