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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do these subjects lead to Certified/Recognised qualifications?

Quantum Computing There is currently no accreditation in Quantum Computing. If a young person wants to learn about Quantum Computing, to attain a formal qualification they will need a Physics degree and then Major in Quantum Physics. We are leading the way in this area by offering this information to people of this young age. Other Subjects except Maths, English and Science

At the end of Year 1, all participating students will receive an outline of the areas of knowledge gained for all subjects, which they can use to go into similar sectors. For e.g. within a few years, it is said that a knowledge of Quantum Computing will be essential to go into any sector of I.T.

Maths, English and Science (Following the UK National Curriculum)

Students will work towards a GCSE. With the intention of them achieving this sooner than their peers in mainstream school.

What are the term dates?

Will I receive online class details?

Yes, once booked, log in details for study will be sent via email.

Do you accept beginners?

Students do not need to have any previous experience in any of our subjects offered. After Year 1, they will be qualified enough to proceed to Year 2 and so on.

I am interested but my child falls out of the 9-12 years age bracket, can I still book?

You are not able to book for the live classes. However, you are able to purchase the Quantum Package to be studied in the student's own time. We do not recommend this for students younger than 9 years as it has been tailored for 9-12 year olds. The recommended age is 9-17 because of the youthful approach that the tutors will take. Please click the link to the form at the bottom of the Contact page to register your interest for an 'out of age' student.

What do we need?

Students may be requested to purchase a selection of items for their lessons. Such as: shapes, crystals or drawing tools.

We endeavor to give parents/carers sufficient notice and to keep costs to a minimum.

Students will also require a comfortable chair to suuport their spine, working computer/laptop, microphone and camera, which should be left on unless momentarily. An iPad or tablet may also work.

What level will students be working at?

Material will be High School to University level material tailored to 9-12 year olds. Our Curriculum devisers are all university graduates within the subject field.

What are your reasons for a school so alternative to mainstream schools?

Did you know that the Placebo effect of fake surgeries can be just as effective as real ones? Or that Crystals are used in iPhones, TV’s and more because they can produce electricity. What about that In 1941, when Henry Ford displayed a car that was made out of soybean, hemp and plastics; it was lighter than steel and withstood ten times the impact...without denting.

What does this say? Not that there are materials out there like Crystals and capabilities of the human mind that we are not taught to develop or make use of, for the higher good of our species and the planet?

What if we were able to awaken a human’s innate, powerful capabilities and curiosity. To lovingly experiment with naturally produced resources. Is it not possible that the future of our species and planet could ‘Work’ for EVERYTHING AND ALL?

What if those who had a strong, heartfelt desire to make a difference had the option to develop and work at, or encourage their children to develop and work at solving some of these issues on a daily basis for long enough, to instil the ideals of Love, Awareness, Honesty and Responsibility into their way of being for life as an adult.

These opportunities are not easily available. Can you see that it should at least be an option for the desired few that would allow them to fulfil that desire? There is the option for all other types of school, why not one that could make a difference to the overall wellbeing of humanity?

I invite you to come on board and join the ‘The Angels School”, which will empower and excite young people, with study, in what might have previously been considered the impossible.

Where children will discuss stats like:

7,000 compounds used in modern medicine are derived from plants, so why not learn how to make your own medicinal herbs? 27,000 trees are felled each day for toilet paper and that Quantum Physics proved that that if you travelled fast enough around the world, you’d come back and see yourself taking off.

And get to make a decision about who they now choose to be amid of all this.

How is Quantum Computing taught?

An understanding of the principles of quantum physics is the first key area of study. After this is linear algebra, then a deep dive into complex and imaginary numbers, the Bloch Sphere, quantum gates & quantum algorithms, the single qubit, multiple qubits, Quantum coding, the different quantum technologies and then the current quantum software and hardware.

Will my child be able to understand this high level of teaching?

The curriculums have been devised for people as young as 9 years old. They are designed to be engaging, interactive and fun, to keep the student's interest. Student's will also be able to ask questions during live classes. It is our responsibility to relay and pass on the information in a way that 'works' for young people and will be an exciting, ongoing task for our tutors.

Will the students be given homework?

Homework will not be time consuming. It will consist of tasks or experiments that will not take too much energy away from their free time. For example, observing the way people behave or observing the world around them and reporting back.




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